Classified advertisement website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, autos, services, etc. Competitor of craigslist website.

There were numerous performance issues and the first requirement was to resolve them. When the website was optimized and end users stopped experiencing errors we could start with implementation of new functionality and integrations.

The main idea of new changes was to simplify publishing and searching for ads. So, the team implemented account module where an advertiser stored personal data used to fill in contact info in ads. Ads adding and editing functionality was improved to add some customization features and integrated with text editor.

Using such sites, people do not want to click through number of categories to find the required ads and prefer to use search for narrowing down the results. To improve search power and to add full text search the website was integrated with Sphinx search solution.

And of course such kind of sites should be SEO-friendly. So, while the development team was working on technical tasks our marketing guys worked on SEO tasks, optimizing categories and ads pages for search spiders.